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It gonna happen Naruto it only fair you're gonna fuck me why not let me fuck you shithead. Trisha krishnan scandal bathing. Naruto moaned with Tayuya as he pummeled his cock into her core and moaned as the warmth of her pussy surrounded his length. Naruto x tayuya fanfiction lemon. Both teens panted hard as Naruto helped Tayuya steady herself after she wobbled a bit while trying to stand on her own two feet again. His free hand traveled down her body, making her jump as his fingers tickled the skin of her stomach, until he reached the waistband of her panties.

Naruto continued his thoughts, unaware of the beast fiddling with his body. My girlfriend and her best friend. This being the case he suggested a course of action of his own before Kiba and his partner could give chase. He groaned at the feeling, retaliating by pushing his fingers deeper. The kisses, touches, and pants filled the small room as sweat covered their bodies. No one still has any idea about how this happened or why she wasn't there.

Naruto's kiss surprise Tayuya just like that night of their first kiss, Tayuya closed her eyes and let Naruto take her. The couple shared one last passionate kiss before falling asleep into each other's arms.

Her rear remained high as Naruto rocketed his member into her warmth and it rumbled her innards. XXXX After arriving at the apartment, Naruto set Tayuya down on the couch.

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It made her feel as if she was important to him. Pam anderson howard stern. Her moans and outbursts escalated in volume as she started to ride him faster than the rate of her heartbeat. Cerulean blue eyes met bright yellow ones as the pair continued to work their hips in perfect fuse with each other as Naruto's cock pounded through Tayuya's folds and once again hit her weak spot. Show me how much you want it. Naruto x tayuya fanfiction lemon. She now has four inches in her pussy. So she act cool and calm for the moment "Now that all four of you are here I have special news to give you four.

The blond's gift, and general show of affection, had her in a silent stupor for a few seconds, before she slowly reached out for the flute, as if it'd break at the slightest touch. Tayuya and Naruto alone in the forest together while Naruto wasn't sure why Tayuya wanted to bring Naruto here for the moment then it came to his mind "So Tayuya," he started "Have you made up your mind? And ironically enough, the first lady to have a go at Naruto will be the same girl I started my lemon career off with: Tayuya then made a motion, which made Naruto flinch, assuming that he was about to get struck again.

How would you like to come with me to train and become stronger? She fought the urge to pass out, "Goddamnit Well too fucking bad I ain't into that kind of shit, besides who would be into that kind of crap.

Deciding that one touch couldn't hurt he reached out and ran his fingers across Tayuya's skin and he was pleasantly surprised to see it was as supple and warm as he thought. Sexy picture of porn star. Allowing him to nibble, suck, bite, or just whatever he wants to do to her.

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When she regained conciseness she was strapped to a table on top of Anko and she felt something in her pussy. Sliding one hand down the front of the girls shorts he found her slit already slick with the juices of her own excitement already.

Tayuya came right then and there. Now that's planning ahead. This shit is just too fucking funny. He just shrugged "I'm not entirely sure myself. Naruto x tayuya fanfiction lemon. Now let's forget this ever happened Naruto.

Chapter V -Tayuya of the North gate Part V-Tayuya's Encounter, Naruto's Jutsu Training! She now has on a hospital gown with some of her stuff in a nearby chair. This lemon marks the third lemon involving Konan and Shizuka, the second lemon involving Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Anko, Ayame, Temari, Karin, Samui, Hana, Tayuya, Amaru, Koyuki, Shion, and Fuka, and moreover the first lemon I've done involving any of the other kunoichi.

I present to you the first chapter of my thirty-six chapter harem lemon Clan Restoration.

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